Current Members Booking Policy
Effective from 15 May 2020


  • Singles and Doubles permitted
    • Max 4 people on the court at any time
    • Max 5 people on the court for coaching
    • No spectators allowed (on or off the court).
    • Member names required for bookings
    • Parent Supervision permitted (max one parent)
    • Please Check in at Pro Shop prior to all bookings
    • Blanket Booking Strictly Prohibited
  • Bookings Only (No walk-ups)
  • Tennis Members Only. Visitors permitted with member bookings.
  • Suspension of the online booking system.
  • To make a booking, please submit an online request form. Should you require a
    booking on the day, please submit an online form and contact the pro shop for
    confirmation. Bookings to be made between 8 am-5 pm (Monday to Saturday)
  • A limit of 2 current bookings at a time
    • current bookings – includes if you are a participant of booking as well (e.g/ you made a booking to play with member B, and subsequently member c also made a booking to play with you, that would equate to 2 current bookings
    • Please note if you failed to show up or check in with staff at the pro-shop then the booking will stay active for the duration of the week
  • Peak Time – A maximum of 4 hrs playing time per week each member. (Sun-Sat after 4 pm). Up to 2 hrs per booking. Bookings can be extended at the
    actual playing time of the booking. Subject to availability
  • Off-Peak – Initial bookings limited to 2 hrs per day. Additional hours can be booked at the time of the actual booking on the day, subject to availability.
  • Court bookings available between 8:00am-10:30pm (7 days).

Please note: You must only arrive 3 mins before your booking. Must leave 3 mins after booking concludes. No lingering before or after bookings. This also includes car park area.

  • Must adhere to correct court booking at all times. No swapping courts.
  • Please check-in at pro shop prior to all bookings.
  • Ball Machine permitted.
  • Suspension of demo and hire Racquets.
  • Tennis membership card required at all times.
  • Only members whose name booking is under can be present. No substitutes for other members.
  • 24 Hour Cancellation Policy.
  • Maximum of one member and one staff in the pro shop at a time.
  • Waiting list available.
  • Bathrooms available (No Showers).
  • Breaches in Policy may result in the suspension of bookings