Original fried chicken (breast tenders available upon request)
Golden battered, juicy, original chicken.

Snow cheese chicken
Dusted with cheddar cheese powder for extra deliciousness.

Boneless black sesame chicken
Sprinkled with black sesame for extra crunch.

Spring onion fried chicken
Please your tastebuds with a hint of wasabi and fresh serving of spring onion.

Spring onion and sweet chicken
Sweet and crispy fried chicken served with fresh spring onion.

Soy sauce chicken
Sticky, delicate, succulent and crunchy with a hint of sweetness.

Soy and garlic chicken
Glazed in soy and crisp garlic and bursting with flavour.

Hot and spicy chicken
Crispy, tender, flavoursome and HOT.

Bulgogi sauce chicken
Flavour, spice and everything nice.




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