Original fried chicken (Breast tenders available upon request)
Golden battered, juicy, original chicken.

Spring onion fried chicken
Please your taste-buds with a hint of wasabi and fresh serving of spring onion.

Creamy onion fried chicken
Premium creamy sauce with fresh onion.

Sweet & spicy fried chicken
A real S&S chicken with an unbeatable special sweet and spicy sauce.

Cream cheese fiery chicken
Oak-grilled fragrant spicy sauce with cream cheese dipping sauce.

Snow cheese chicken
Dusted with cheddar cheese powder for extra deliciousness.

Garlic soy sauce chicken
Perfectly coated in soy-garlic glaze using our special soy sauce.

Spicy garlic chicken
Our special soy sauce mixed with sliced garlic flakes, green & red chilli peppers.

Spicy chilli chicken
For a spicy yet mild experience, rice cakes are combined with our chilli paste sauce.

Hot & spicy gangjung
A fiery hot and spicy meeting with Incredible Ganjung.

Incredible gangjung
Cinnamon and soy sauce creates a sweet & crispy skin.

Hot fried chicken
Spicy fried chicken packed with hot chilli sauce.




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