Original Fried Chicken (Also available with Boneless Chicken)
Delicately battered and golden coated, juicy chicken.

Spring Onion Chicken
Specially made wasabi flavoured sauce with a sprinkle of fresh spring onion.

Creamy Onion Chicken
Premium cream sauce with fresh sliced onion.

Tender Long Chicken
Premium chicken breast fillets made from ICGs special recipe.

Snow Cheese Chicken
Dusted with finely grated cheese, onion and parsley sprinkle.

Hot Fried Chicken
Extra crunchy fried chicken with a mild hot chilli sauce.

Spicy Chilli Chicken
Chicken and rice cakes in a spicy yet mild ICG chilli paste sauce.

Incredible Gangjung
Cinnamon and soy sauce creates a sweet & crispy skin.

Hot & Spicy Gangjung
A fiery hot and spicy meeting with Incredible Ganjung.

NEW! Chicken Tower
Choose from a 2 Storey or 3 Storey with pre-selected plates.