1) Members will at all times abide by the rules of the Club.

2) All members must be financial members for the current year in the appropriate membership category.

3) All members shall not, within the precincts of the Club, engage in any conduct that damages the image and integrity of the Club.

4) A member shall not physically or verbally abuse any member of staff, opponent, spectator, Club member or any other person whilst within the precincts of the Club.

5) A member shall not use offensive or obscene language whilst in the precincts of the Club.

6) A member shall dress in clean and customarily acceptable tennis attire at all times.

7) Proper tennis shoes (NON-MARKING) are to be worn; dimpled soled shoes are not permitted.

8) When representing Strathfield Sports Club at other venues, members will adhere to the Code of Conduct for Strathfield Sports Club.

9) The Board of Strathfield Sports Club may warn any member about his/her conduct and may place conditions upon the membership. If the Board is of the opinion that a member has breached the Club’s Code of Conduct, then the Board may cancel his/ her membership.

Failure to comply with this Code of Conduct or Strathfield Sports Club Rules may result in membership being withdrawn.

Privacy Statement

Strathfield Sports Club requires the information requested on the membership application form to provide you with membership services and related purposes, which can be reasonably expected. Your personal information that is collected and used by Strathfield Sports Club will only be used in accordance with the purposes of Strathfield Sports Club.

The Club is committed to providing quality, competitive and social tennis as well as associated services. As part of this service, we have a duty to protect your privacy that complies with privacy legislation.

Our privacy statement advises you:

  • That we need your consent to collect information about you.
  • That you can request access to information we hold about you.
  • That you may discuss any concerns that you may have about how we handle your information.
  • That your information may be disclosed to an organisation involved in assisting us to improve the administration of the club but will not be used by a third party in any other way.
  • We ask that you assist us by making sure that the information provided to us is accurate and up to date