Strathfield Sports Club Futsal Policy 

Effective July 14, 2019

Terms and Conditions – Strathfield Sports Club Futsal Courts


Strathfield Sports Club (SSC) aims to provide a positive sporting environment for the benefit of all members of the community. SSC is committed to the health, welfare and well being of its players, supporters and families. SSC  reserves the right to make price and policy changes without notice. Please be aware that SSC also reserves the right to reassign or cancel any court due to tournaments or event requirements. We will do our best to notify any affected booking as soon as we can. Prepaid court hire bookings take precedence over other bookings. It is the customer’s responsibility to provide evidence of their booking.




Casual Court Hire Rates 

  • Before 5pm (MON-FRI) $100 / Hour 
  • After 5 PM (MON-FRI) Weekend and Public Holiday $120 / Hour


Court Information 

  • 2 All Weather Synthetic Grass Futsal Court 


Booking Policies for Visitors

  • Can book online 1 month in advance  
  • Payment must be made at the time of booking. 
  • No refunds policy. Credit will be given for future bookings subject to the cancellation policy. 
  • Please ensure you check for booking confirmation via email and/or SMS, if you have not received anything within 1 hour, please contact SSC and ask for them to resend the confirmation or amend it if it is different to your booking. 
  • Booking Confirmation Number is essential for confirmation. 

On-Field Policy

  • Only SSC Authorised Futsal Coaches are permitted to conduct coaching.
  • Permission is required by SSC for coaching or the use of coaching equipment and coaches.
    • In addition, WWCC is required for any Coaches coaching juniors on the field

Requirements for Consideration for Permanent Bookings 

  • Minimum 3 months consecutive booking required
  • Prior History of Futsal Booking at the SSC
  • 1 Week Bond value equivalent to 1 week is required for securing the booking 


Conditions for Permanent Bookings 

  • The guaranteed time slot is provided each week 
  • Rates are the same as casual court hire 
  • 1-week bond is required to secure the booking, if the bond is used to make payment for a booking then payment to restore the value to equivalent to one week’s booking must be made at least 48 hours prior to your booking time otherwise permanent booking slot may be cancelled 
  • Only the primary and secondary contact can make changes to the booking 
  • it is the responsibility of the primary contact to ensure that their contact details are up to date, as any notification would be sent via SMS  and/or email 
  • SSC can cancel the permanent arrangement at any time and refund of the bond would be provided upon cancellation notification 
  • Attendance rate of 90% per month is required , failure to do so may result to the cancellation for your permanent bookings


Wet Weather Policy 

Wet Weather In the event of rain, you are required to contact SSC to find out if the courts are playable. The status of the courts as playable or unplayable will be determined by SSC staff only. If SSC deems the courts unplayable prior to the start or within the first twenty (20) minutes of your court booking, visitors would receive full credit to be used within 3 months.

As the Futsal Ground are an all weather court, unless the courts are flooded, hail or Lightning in the area, the courts are generally considered as playable.  if it is outside these unplayable conditions, normal cancellation policy applies 


Extreme Heat Policy 

Extreme Heat Players may continue with their booking in extreme heat at their own risk. If requested, credit for a booking will be given to a visitor when the temperature is over 35°C at the time of the booking or within the first twenty (20) minutes of your court booking, visitors would receive SSC Credit to be used within 3 months. 


Arrival Policy 

  • Arrival Policy Visitors must check in at the pro shop prior to playing on the court. Any charges is be paid prior to play 
  • If the pro shop is unattended, please check in at the club.
  • Balls and Bibs are available at the pro shop for HIRE 
    • They are free of charge, however Government Issued ID is required for HIRE and must be let at the pro shop  (or at the club reception if PRO SHOP is unattended) for the duration of the HIRE
    • They must be returned back to the pro shop (or at the club reception if PRO SHOP is unattended) after the conclusion of the match failure to do so, fee would be incurred and payable by the person who booked the courts
      • Balls ($20 INC) Each 
      • Bibs ($5 INC) Each 
    • Advisable to bring your own ball. A ball may only be given out if they have no additional balls already with the group/team. Pump is available at proshop or club reception.


Cancellation Policy 



Twenty-four (24) hours’ notice is required for any court cancellation. There is no refund for cancellation, however credit will be given to be used for a future booking if the required notice is given. Credits expire after three (3) months, and the credit cannot be extended. 

Notice must also be provide in writing via email. 

Email: |

Important note: only the primary contact can alter or cancel the bookings


Permanent Bookings 

Forty-Eight (48 Hour’s notice is required for any court cancellation. There is no refund for cancellation,  Bond used to secure the permanent booking would be used as payment if the required notice have not been given. Subsequently once used, you are required to top up the bond to the value of one session for your booking, in order to retain your permanent booking status.

Cancellation notice must be provided in writing. 


Important note : only the primary and secondary contact can alter or cancel the bookings



All customers, players and supporters at SSC have a responsibility to conduct themselves in an appropriate manner, consistent with the following Code of Conduct: 

  • Respect every player or supporter regardless of their gender, age, ability, cultural background or religion
  • Play by the rules and encourage fair play 
  • Be respectful in dealings with officials, coaches, players and supporters
  • Engage in positive behaviour
  • Do not use abusive language 
  • Appropriate Futsal attire and suitable Futsal sports shoes must be worn when using the courts, including no metal studs and no barefeet. 
  • No taking off shirts during play
  • Be considerate of the safety and wellbeing of other players
  • Respect the policies and practices of SSC.
  • Any person who does not abide by this Code of Conduct can be asked to leave SSC
  • SSC reserves the right to decline or cancel court hire bookings by players who have breached the code of conduct. 

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