Welcome to the Strathfield Sports Club Tennis Coaching Program. We offer key pilot programs that we believe is meaningful for the community and allows everyone an opportunity to have a go at tennis. The SSC coaching team includes TA qualified coach Aimy with over 15 years of playing and coaching experience, Allen who is a former ATP professional player with over 20 years of playing and coaching experience and Joseph who is TA qualified, still competing and has 5 years of coaching experience under his belt. Our team of coaches genuinely care about their students’ development and tailors a program that is skill-based and combines technical and tactical elements for beginners to high-performance tournament players.

Inclusion & Diversity Program

One of the programs we are passionate about is the Inclusion & Diversity Program with Chalmer’s Road School. Our goal is to help make tennis more accessible to all. Catered specifically for wheelchair tennis, blind/low vision, deaf/hard of hearing and learning disabilities, this is a program designed specifically for individuals and schools who seek to explore a physical sport that enables players an active participation in the sport and community. Get in touch with the Club today if you would like to be involved with our Inclusion & Diversity Program.

Cardio Tennis

Get fit in our high-energy, fast-paced and fun tennis session that combines drills and play-based activities. Each 45-min session is a variety of cardio workouts and tennis activities suited for all fitness levels. Experienced players can expect a challenge that increases their agility on court and become fitter at the same time. New to tennis? No worries, our TA qualified coach is trained to cater to all tennis and fitness levels. Come in comfortable activewear with a bottle of water and get ready to sweat! Sign up here for a FREE trial.  Alternatively, click here for the next session.

Schools Tennis Program

Our student-led program is focussed on creating an encouraging environment that allows students to learn how to play the game of tennis in small groups using modified equipment, which lets them explore the tactical and technical elements of tennis. Our Schools Tennis Program fosters interest and physical activity amongst students so that they may continue the sport after their school journey. We are also involved in competitive squad training sessions for schools of interest. Enquiries welcome to email ivan@strathfieldsportsclub.com.au.

Hot Shots Program

We accept Active Kids Vouchers! Dedicated to under 12s, we offer a learn through play age/level-based Hot Shots program in small class sizes (4 max per group) for 8 weeks during school term. Classes are set up with modified nets, age-appropriate lighter racquets and low compression balls. Each week focusses on one technical and tactical objective with the goal of being able to play a game of tennis in a serve, rally, score format. Orange and Green Stage lessons run for 60mins while Red Stage is 30mins. At the end of each term, there will be an assessment and a certificate for each child based on individual achievements throughout the term. Enrolments are accepted throughout the term pending availability. Enquire now as spaces are limited.

Junior Development Squads

As part of the junior tennis pathway, SSC has a number of development and performance squads for juniors based on their level/UTR score and tennis goals. Squads run for 2hours and focusses on match play, singles and doubles tactics as well as the tennis mental game. Improve endurance, match strategy and agility in this high-intensiy program. Squads are run throughout the school term with a maximum of 4 per group. Enquire now.