Please refer to the weeks each team is playing.

Format for singles and doubles: 1 Set to 6 games. Tiebreak to 7 points at 5-5 (change ends when tiebreak adds to 6). Short Deuce. In doubles, the receivers choose who receives the deuce point. 1 point for each set won.

General Rules:

Teams can find reserves/subs for the weeks they are unavailable.

A player must play at least twice to qualify for the semifinal and final playoffs.

Reserves must be a female tennis member. Where possible, the reserve should not be higher ranked/skilled than the player being replaced.

Reserves can be from outside the competition if all options exhausted.

Points won by reserves goes to the team reserved.

Balls to be returned to pro shop/club reception at the completion of the night.

Scores to be recorded to pro shop staff and/or in the Ladies Comp WhatsApp group if proshop is unattended.