Play for bragging rights! First in first serve and verse everyone on your court for a chance to finish on the top court. And you got 6 weeks to give it your best shot.
Once you enter, you will be notified if you made the main draw or if you are on the alternatives list.


$50 per person for entire season
$10 per person for alternatives (payable when called upon) per playable week
Non refundable


Surprise each court winner on selected* weeks throughout the 6 weeks.


Wednesday 31st July – Wednesday 5th September
Times: 6:30pm – 10:30pm | Courts: 4 5 6 7
Entries Close: Wed 17 July
  • Players verse everyone on their court on a weekly basis to try move up a court.
  • Short set to 5 with a 7-point tiebreak at 4-4.
  • Winner of each court each night moves up a court next week. Loser of each court moves down a court next week. Second and third place remain on same court.
  • Entries capped at 16 players. Maximun of 4 players per court per week.
  • Alternative players on the waiting list will be contacted should there be a withdrawal any given week.
  • Bragging rights for winners of the FINALS week of each court.
  • Juniors with a UTR of 1+ encouraged to play.


  • Alternative list will be capped at 10 players.
  • Alternative players will be notified via phone/email when there is a withdrawal on any given week. Should an alternative be unavailable, the next available alternative player will be contacted and be placed on a court that best suits their ability.
  • Each alternative player will play once before the opportunity will go to the next alternative player on the waiting list should another withdrawal occur.
  • The top and bottom player of each court may move up or down depending on the alternate that plays that week.
  • Alternative players who win the court that night cannot move up or down as it is assumed the main player will return and resume the court he/she was last on.


  • Matches are first to 5 games. 7 point tiebreak at 4-4. 1 Long deuce, 1 golden point.
  • ALL balls and scores to be returned to Pro Shop and/or Club reception after 9:30pm. Please post the score in the Olympic Singles Series Whatsapp chat in case it gets missed.
  • 2 New cans of balls will be provided for each court to be used for all matches that night.
  • Standard Australian tennis rules apply (refer to Tennis Australia Website if unsure).
  • If the time runs out for the last match, all scores are recorded as is and both players receive 0 points.
  • All weekly withdrawals must be made 24 hrs before the scheduled booking. Late Cancellation Penalty Apply $25 per person.


4 courts are booked on Wednesday for the duration of the competition.
Court 4 5 6 7 | 6:30pm – 10:30pm
Top Court: 4
Bottom Court: 7


The 4hr wet weather cancellation policy applies. All wet weather cancellations to be determined by Pro Shop staff only. Once a decision is made to cancel the match due to wet weather, the court is released and cannot be rebooked under Olympic Singles Series by proshop staff for the same day.
  • Incomplete matches due to wet weather must be recorded as a split point system of 1 point each.


Normal 24 hr Late Cancellation Penalties apply to any player who cancelled after the 24 hour period of the Tuesday 6:30pm.
Cancellations MUST be made via email to Whatsapp texts and phone calls are void.


Incomplete matches NOT due to wet weather do not receive any points.


2 Points for every set won. Countback on games if necessary to determine winner and loser of the court.
***Any complaints/appeals are to be submitted to the Sports Manager & Tennis Committee for consideration.