If you want to play like the best, you have to train like the best. That's why it's a good idea to stay on top of the latest news and interviews regarding the top soccer players in the world, just in case you pick up a few soccer training tips or tricks along the way.

David Beckham is one of the most famous football stars you will come across, and is a household name the world over. The 37-year-old from London, England made his debut for Manchester United in 1994 and went on to play for Real Madrid before finally settling with his current club, the Los Angeles Galaxy.

He was named England Player of the Year in 2003, is an officer in the Order of the British Empire and is currently a goodwill ambassador for the United Nations Children's Fund – talk about someone to look up to!

A big part of Beckham's ongoing success has been his discipline and commitment towards on-field endurance. Soccer is one of the most physically demanding sports you can play, and Beckham exemplifies the fact that hard work and dedication will pay off during your next big soccer tournament. 

The next time you are down at Strathfield Sports Club Sydney, you might want to try out this cool five week David Beckham training program which was outlined in an August 2008 article by Men's Health magazine.

During week one, Beckham runs for three sets of five minute intervals aiming to hit 85 per cent of his maximum heart rate (MHR), with a four minute rest in between each set. 

In week two we go to seven two minute intervals at 90 per cent MHR, with two minute rest periods in between. Week three is 15 sets of one minute run intervals at 95 per cent MHR, with one minute rests in between.

In week four we change things up a bit. Here you will need to set out two cones 60 metres apart, and aim to run from one cone to the other and back again, in a time of 20 seconds out and 20 seconds back. Take a one minute rest and aim for eight to ten sets.

Keep the cone layout the same for week five, only this time you are just running out to the other cone and not back again. This should be a flat out sprint, 100 per cent maximum heart rate, with ten seconds of rest in between each of your eight to ten sets.

It's exhausting just reading this training regime, so don't get down if you are struggling. Remember Beckham was one of the fittest men on the planet in his younger days and make sure to prioritise your own health and safety when attempting this gruelling workout.