With most local clubs having already begun their pre-season training, football players it’s time to dust off the boots, pump up the training balls and find your favourite jersey to blow out the cobwebs before the first game. There are fitness levels that need working on, team structures to practise and we’re sure you can’t remember where you left your “touch” at the end of last season.

If you are yet to experience them, the Golden Goal fields at Strathfield Sports Club provide the perfect facility to get your season underway. Whether you intend to play competitively or enjoy the occasional social game with friends the fact is the season is nearly upon us. While we’ve all enjoyed the European competitions and the A-League has been particularly strong this year, as any football fan will attest, you can’t beat playing.

The two 5-a-side fields that occupy the heart of the space around SSC are a great opportunity to have a run around with friends and teammates. With many grounds currently being closed due to all the rain we’ve been experiencing, these all-weather fields will ensure training is never cancelled! The artificial surface has a two star FIFA system rating and approved shock padding beneath the surface.

Of course the feature of the fields is our unique “golden goals” which add another dimension to any normal kick around. For the uninitiated, both goals have a hoop in the top corner of the goals just big enough for a football to fit through. It has its own netting and acts as a goal within the goal. The idea is to practise evading the goalkeeper by aiming for these corners when shooting. Then there’s the glory that goes with seeing one fly in!

The fields are available all week round up until 10pm, with floodlights ensuring you never have to play in the dark. We have change room and shower facilities available at the Club if you intend on really working up a sweat and have all the refreshments you might need behind the bar. For all the soccer mums and dads out there, there is also the chance to enjoy a coffee and a chat if your kids are running around in one of the many after school academies on offer.

The fields have been supremely busy of late, especially during our peak night time sessions so it is highly recommended you book in advance to avoid disappointment. Golden Goal director Angelo Petratos is in charge of casual court hire and can be contacted on 0433222096 to make a booking. Costs range from $60-$90 an hour depending on what time you are playing, which is as competitive as the football you’ll be playing considering it can be shared amongst at least 10 players.

So while it may take a bit of organising to get off the ground, we’re sure you’ll have a great time on them, as players always have a sterling time on our Golden Goal fields!