In sport it is important to work hard on the field and give 100 per cent in order to score points and win those crucial matches.

However it is equally important to allow yourself time to relax as well – after all, sport is supposed to be enjoyable!

Here are our three favourite ways to relax after a hard fought tennis tournament or competitive soccer competition.

A game of billiards or darts

For people who just can't stop competing, there is plenty of low impact, stress free sports that you might want to try out.

Billiards is a fun and enjoyable way to spend time with a friend or three, and the best part is we have 13 tables right here at Strathfield Sports Club Sydney!

You might also want to try darts, or perhaps a board game like chess or checkers?

A relaxing bath or sauna

Nothing eases tired muscles like a nice warm bath or a session in the steam room, and it can be incredibly enjoyable just shutting yourself away from the world for a while.

To really treat yourself, you might want to even consider getting a professional massage as well.

This will help work out all those knots and aches and pains that can sometimes result from a tough match, leaving you feeling refreshed and raring to go.

A hearty meal

Athletes need fuel, and it is important to recharge after every game with a good meal amongst some quality company.

At Strathfield Sports Club, we have one of the finest bistros in town, serving up a delicious range of traditional Korean cuisine as well as western food to meet anyone's preferences.