There are a lot of reasons why it's not a very good idea to be wandering down to the local tennis club or soccer camp in bare feet or with muddy old trainers on.

Not only is it a bad look fashion-wise, it's also dangerous, as having inappropriate footwear on during a tough game or training session can lead to injuries occurring.

For that reason, if you are truly passionate about your sport of choice then it is worth investing in a good sturdy pair of shoes that are specifically designed for that individual game.

Here are a few tips on finding the right pair of soccer or tennis shoes for you.

Seek expert help

Obviously the best thing you can do when buying sports shoes is to seek help from experts who know what they are talking about.

Don't wander into your local sporting goods store and expect to pick a great pair of shoes right off the shelf. Instead ask a friendly shop assistant to help you find shoes that are right for your needs.

On this note, make sure you bring a pair of comfortable sports socks to the store, and have a decent walk around in the shoes before you purchase them. That way you can check to see if they fit properly and whether they are rubbing uncomfortably in any places.

Don't underpay (but don't blow the budget either)

Sporting equipment is an investment, and it's worth purchasing one good pair of shoes now rather than having to replace them prematurely (or spend a lot on podiatric bills instead!)

That said, remember to have a budget and be willing to stick with it. Some people might try and oversell you with top of the line shoes, but you are not Roger Federer and there's no need to empty your bank account on something that you are only going to use once a week.

Replace them regularly

The older your shoes get, the more likely they are to become worn out or damaged. This can change the way they fit on your feet and potentially increase your risk of slipping or injuring yourself.

For this reason, it's a good idea to replace your shoes regularly at any sign of wear and tear. Obviously the lifespan of your shoes will vary depending on usage and quality, but if you have purchased a good pair of reliable shoes they should last you four to six months at the least.