On the occasion of our dedicated Business Manager Audrey Bannantyne completing her final day at Strathfield Sports Club today I would like to publicly acknowledge the huge contribution Audrey has made during her tenure.

Audrey has been a great servant of the Club over the last 10 years and has dedicated herself tirelessly to improving the Club’s performance and its reputation in the local community throughout this time.

In particular I appreciated Audrey’s innovation in bringing new services and features to our Club so that we now offer a broad range of services including tennis.

Together with Chris we have benefited from Audrey’s commitment to boosting the Club’s financial performance (from a very poor situation 10 years ago to a very healthy one now).

That performance was recognised by Clubs NSW when we were awarded a first prize and two honourable mentions in their annual awards in the Small Club category.

Most of all she and Chris have been seeking out the future for Strathfield Sports Club, not just sitting on their hands being content with our present situation.

Therefore I would like to offer my personal thanks to Audrey for her efforts over the last 10 years and wish her all the very best for the future.

Yours sincerely,

Nick Birbara