If you’re a regular at Strathfield Sports you will have definitely seen him around – he’s kind of a big deal.

Why else would you have your face blown up on a huge banner on Morwick Street promoting the club?

He’s an expert barista, always donning a cheeky grin and will soon register ten years of service at SSC.

He is of course our Mr. Dependable, Andrew Read.

Aside from his modelling career (which unfortunately never reached the lofty heights of the said banner) and when he’s not working at the club, Andrew has been a conscientious student.

On top of registering a decade of service behind the bar, Andrew is about to complete his second university degree and will eventually move on to pursue a career in physiotherapy.

Having attended local primary school St.Marthas and going on to complete secondary school at St. Patrick’s College, Andrew definitely knows his way around Strathfield.

A Bachelor of Science was followed by a Bachelor of Physiotherapy, which he is undertaking at Australian Catholic University and is now just 10 weeks of practical away from completing.

They say big things come in threes – and this is certainly the case for Andrew.

Aside from notching ten years and gaining another Bachelor’s, our handsome barman is actually set to lose his personal bachelor status.

Yes much to the disappointment of his adoring female fans, Mr Read is set to wed his long-time (and equally attractive) girlfriend Milly, with the nuptials set to take place in December.

Naturally we wish them all the best!

When he’s not working or studying, Andrew is also a keen sportsman. He’s played football and AFL over the years and says you need to watch out for his forehand down the line on the tennis court.

His favourite player is Russian tennis star Maria Sharapova.

Andrew is a beer drinker when it’s time to unwind and likes a good craft ale, his favourite at the moment being a 4 Pines Extra Special Bitter.

Throughout his years of service Andrew says he’s experienced many memorable moments in the clubhouse but the last two FIFA World Cups in 2010 and 2014 stood out as highlights – especially matches involving Australia and Korea Republic.

While of course we’ll be sad to see him leave one day soon Andrew has plans to use his degree to work in the public hospital system next year.

He hopes to eventually move into private practice and one day own his own business – so he’ll be the “go-to” man for all your tennis elbows and other injuries!

Until then you’ll catch him in the clubhouse, wearing his neatly pressed uniform and sporting a smile.

He’ll be able to book you a tennis court and tell you which chicken on the menu is the best. Come in and say hi!