On this day in 1882 the Club and Grounds, then known as the Union Recreation Club, was opened. It consisted of a Pavilion (or Club House as it is now called), Gymnasium, Skittle Alley, Bowling Green, Lawn Tennis Courts and rooms for other activities including Billiards. The Burwood Band provided the entertainment.

The inception of the Club began on 1 May 1881 with the first ever meeting of the Union Recreation Club attended by Messrs H.C. Fraser, D Vernon, T.B. Rolin and J. Kinloch. They decided that “the establishment of a club for bowling and other amusements would be beneficial to the neighborhood in which they resided, especially if ladies were admitted”.

It’s interesting to note that an alternative name for the URC was the Redmyre Bowling Club. In 1886 the name Redmyre was replaced by Strathfield.

It wasn’t until 28 October 1913 that the name of the club was changed to The Strathfield Recreation Club. Next came the war in 1914 and the many enlistments from the Club put it in financial jeopardy. But the Club survived due to various measures and in 1918 became financially secure again.

There are many stories throughout the decades that the Club has been in existence and has remarkably survived to see this day, 134 years later.

Happy Birthday Strathfield Recreation Club.