Draw Schedule Subject to Change. View Table of Results Here.

Entry Fees

  • $30 per team* payable via Stripe link before the first match 
  • $15 extra per team applicable to teams with 4 players
  • No additional Day Member Fee


  • This is a Tennis Members only event.
  • A lower-division player can be substituted up but not down.
  • Only reserves registered can play in this competition.
  • Teams can use a reserve not from their team.
  • If the entire team cannot participate in any given week, it would be considered a forfeit. The team would get 0 points but that doesn’t mean the opposing side would automatically get maximum points. Only if there are no reserves who can play, then max points is awarded to the other team.
  • If a reserve player played in both divisions and gain points, the points are specific for each division, and cannot be combined.


  • New Update: RAINED OUT matches will NOT be postponed this season. Teams will split points due to wet weather cancellations ONLY.
  • New Update: All semifinalists and finalists must have played a minimum of 2 matches throughout the season. To maintain gamesmanship and sportsmanship, the pair that plays in the semifinals is strongly recommended to play in the finals.
  • Players are allowed to reserve for other teams across the divisions provided that there is at least 1 female pairing.
  • Wet weather cancellations will be made according to the condition of the courts at the time of scheduled match times, subject to proshop staff final decision up to 30min prior to match start time.
  • Strictly 5 min warm-up. If the match is incomplete by the next match start time, points would be recorded as is.


  • Format: Two normal sets to 6 with a 7-point tiebreak at 6-6. Golden point/short deuce. Super tie-break to 10 points at one set each. In the case of short deuce, the reciever will choose who returns the serve.
  • 4 points for the winner, 1 point for each set won.
  • 2 points per team for rained out matches.
  • Balls used AO Dunlop. Winning team is responsible for returning the balls and scores to the pro shop staff on duty to be recorded. Email the scores for the match played to proshop@strathfieldsportsclub.com.au for confirmation when pro shop is closed. Scores updated in the Whatsapp chat are not guaranteed to be updated inside the results tally.
  • Players/teammates are responsible for finding a replacement in the event that they cannot play any given week and notify organisers as soon as possible no more than 12 hours before their scheduled match.
  • If you are late for more than 15 mins, you will forfeit the first set. Subject to organiser’s final decision.
  • The team must inform the RR Doubles Whatsapp group chat and/or via email proshop@strathfieldsportsclub.com.au if a reserve is needed. Twenty-four hour notice must be given, even if all the team members cannot attend as we would endeavour to play the match with other reserves.
  • Additional reserves (4th player) to be determined by the team with the organiser’s permission.