Tennis-members-only event. $50 per person applies, including a new can of balls every match played (to be returned to the pro shop by the winner at the conclusion of each match). No refunds applicable.

*Day Tennis Members do not have to pay the after 6pm visitor fee in this event.


$200 for Winner, $100 for Runner Up.


Wednesday 21st & Thursday 22nd February

All divisions will start Wednesday 21st & Thursday 22nd February. The round robin stages will run for approximately 8 weeks, pending entries for each division and wet weather cancellations.

The playoffs will start the Wednesday immediately after the regular season. This also applies in cases where there is an extension due to wet weather.

There are three divisions divided into one pool.

Division 1
Division 2
Division 3


TWO permanent bookings on Wednesday and TWO permanent bookings on Thursday.

Time slots are 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm and 8:30 pm – 10:30 pm. Players must try to book using the courts allocated first by emailing proshop@strathfieldsportsclub.com.au. 

Access to Wednesday and Thursday night permanent courts are as follows:

  • 2 Weeks advanced booking. Members email the pro shop proshop@strathfieldsportsclub.com.au to make a booking more than one week in advance. Within 1 week, members can book as per the normal member booking process.
  • A player can only book ONE 2 hour slot for the permanent courts.


All matches MUST be played within 7 calendar days of the original scheduled match . Matches can be played ahead of schedule. Matches cannot surpass the next Sunday from the scheduled week. After the next Sunday, both players would receive 0 points, unless due to wet weather delay. Players are responsible for communicating with their scheduled opponents on a weekly basis.

  • If a suitable time cannot be arranged to organise a match within the first 7 days from the scheduled match date, the Sports Manager must be notified no later than 2 calendar days after that scheduled match date via email at aimy@strathfieldsportsclub.com.au and an allocated date and time will be provided by the Sports Manager. The allocated rescheduled date/time is final.
  • There is NO third reschedule. If wet weather occurs a second time, and the match is unplayed players will split points.
  • If the match is NOT played and the Sports Manager is NOT notified 2 calendar days after the original scheduled match date, the match is then forfeited. Both players will receive 0 points. Any score entered by the competitors would be void.
  • All match cancellations must be made 24 hrs before the scheduled booking. Normal Late Cancellation Penalties apply ($50 for a 2hr court booking).


The 4hr wet weather cancellation policy applies. All wet weather cancellations to be determined by Pro Shop staff only. All wet weather cancellations must be made via email with proshop staff. Once a decision is made to cancel the match due to wet weather, the court is released and cannot be rebooked under RR Singles or by proshop staff for the same day.

  • Competitors have an extension of 7 days to complete the match due to wet weather.
  • Split points apply to unplayed/incomplete wet weather cancellations ONLY.
  • Incomplete matches due to wet weather must be completed within the next 2 calendar days from when the match paused. No other reason would deem matches to be resumed at a later date. 


Normal 24 hr Late Cancellation Penalties apply to the player who cancelled after the 24 hour period of the match. A Forfeit will be applied to the player who cancelled. A rescheduled date may be provided to both players by the Sports Manager ONLY if it falls under the second Sunday timeframe.

Cancellations MUST be made via email to proshop@strathfieldsportsclub.com.au. Whatsapp texts and phone calls are void.


Incomplete matches due to wet weather must be completed within the next 72 hours – court to be booked by the member. In the event of rain for the whole week, players can split points and move on to the next match. 
Incomplete matches NOT due to wet weather do not qualify to resume at a later date and will be deemed as a forfeit/retire.

  • Players must play according to the schedule to the best of their ability.
  • Players must play 80% of matches to qualify for finals. Wet weather washouts and forfeits are included in the 80% completion rate.
  • Players who fail to reach 80% completion will have their points voided. Points are non-transferrable.
  • Any outstanding matches not played by the end of the regular season will be considered a walkover following the ‘No Play, No Points’ policy.
  • The Tennis Committee can provide support and recommendations. Final decision is made by the Sports Manager on the allocation of walkovers.
  • NO bonus points will be awarded for completing matches early.
  • In the case of weeks/months of wet weather, the regular season may be extended.
  • Injury and unforeseen circumstances will be considered by the Sports Manager but the benefit will usually be given to the player who requested to play the match.


If a player withdraws from the competition during the current season, they are not eligible to participate in the next RR Singles competition. No refunds applicable. Re-entering will be on a case-by-case decision.


  • Matches are best of three sets (third set is a super tiebreak to 10 points – win by 2 points when 9-9).
  • Standard tie breaks are played at 6-6 for the first two sets.
  • ALL balls and scores to be returned to Pro Shop and/or Club reception after 9:30pm. Please post the score in the RR Scores Whatsapp chat and through the reporting system in case it gets missed.
  • New balls supplied by the pro shop for each match. Wilson US Open if available, or Wilson Tour Premier.
  • Incomplete matches do not receive a new can of balls upon resumption.
  • There is no new can of balls for the third set of the quarterfinal, semifinal or final round.
  • Standard Australian tennis rules apply (refer to Tennis Australia Website if unsure).
  • A player can claim the first set if their opponent is NOT ready to play after 25 minutes from scheduled date/time.
  • A player can claim a match forfeit win if their opponent is NOT ready to play after 40 minutes from scheduled date/time.
  • Players must make an appropriate effort to book reasonable playing hours – between 6.30pm – 10.30pm.
  • Walkovers are considered 6-0, 6-0.


  • Straight sets win: 3 points to winner
  • Two sets to one win: 2 points to winner
  • Losing player wins one set: 1 point to loser
  • Losing in straight sets: 0 points to loser
  • Super tiebreak: counts as 1 point to winner


The top 8 players compete in an elimination quarterfinal with winners moving on to the semi-final and then Grand Final.

The pairing of players for quarter finals and semifinals in each pool based on the regular season is:


1 v 8

2 v 7

3 v 6

4 v 5

1 v 4
2 v 3


Top of the table (Division 2 and 3)
The winner will move into the next highest division.

Second place of the lower division will play the second last place of the division above them. If the 2nd place of the lower division wins, they move up the next season. If the 2nd place of the lower division loses, both players stay in the same division the next season.

Bottom of the table (Division 1 and 2)
Last place will move into the next lowest division. Last place in Division 3 will stay in Division 3.

All players who do not finish 80% of their matches (without adequate reasoning) will also play a relegation match against a player in sequential order from the division below them e.g., Div 1 player competes against the 3rd highest ranked player in their respective Div 2 counter-pool.

***Any complaints/appeals are to be submitted to the Sports Manager & Tennis Committee for consideration.