Strathfield Billiards having a cracking ‘13

He’s been an integral part of the Strathfield Sports Club family for so long now he’s become part of the furniture- and he predates most of it! A softly-spoken gentleman who goes about his business in a thorough and unassuming way, Jae Jin Kim is the man behind Strathfield Billiards at SSC.

Regulars of the Club will have no doubt seen him around and our billiard aficionados have no doubt challenged him to a game or two in their time. While it might all seem like fun and games, Jae Jin and his team work very hard to ensure they provide a quality service and one that is enjoyed by many on a visit to SSC.

For the uninitiated, the primary game played upstairs is the carom billiards game “four-ball”. There are a few variations on how you can play but the most popular in the Club is the Korean “sagu” rules. In this form, the game is played with two red object balls, one white cue ball and one yellow cue ball.

Each of the two players is assigned their own cue ball. A point is scored when the shooter hits or “caroms” off both red balls. The shooter is penalised a point for failure to carom on either red ball or if the shooter causes his cue ball to carom off the opponent’s cue ball. Thus, the shooter must avoid touching their opponent’s ball while aiming to hit the two red object balls. Hitting only one red ball results in no points being scored and play passes to your opponent.

If you fancy yourself as a bit of a pool shark, or even if you’re in more of the goldfish league, you should take the opportunity to venture upstairs and have a go next time you’re in the Club. For those that prefer a traditional game of pool, pockets and all, this is also catered for. Prices are very reasonable and start from $9 for a half-hour of play.

New to Strathfield Billiards is an electronic darts game that has taken up the space in the far corner. While it might look complicated, the game functions just like a regular game of darts- without the fear of stabbing someone walking past with an actual dart! This version of the game registers your hit on the board electronically and is very accurate and fun to play!

Strathfield Billiards has been a long-standing part of Strathfield Sports Club. It’s a place where you can enjoy a drink and the veranda overlooking our beautiful Club, while challenging friends to a bit of fun. SSC looks forward to continuing its association with the popular games and Jae Jin, as we shoot for more success and good times throughout the rest of the year.